Chuquimarca’s library proposes to gather and share Native, Caribbean and Latin American art history and contemporary art resources.

Chuquimarca’s Digital Resources Sheet

Chuquimarca’s Digital Resources Sheet is an ongoing and running directory sharing digital archives, libraries, and sources related to Chuquimarca’s library work. It also includes general resources and initiatives based within the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basin. This directory has online journals, podcasts, blogs, websites, social media accounts, social groups, etc.

Look through the sheet here: Chuquimarca’s Digital Resources Sheet

We would love your help in gathering more resources and building this sheet!

To submit an archival/library project or a resource that you think should be in this directory, please fill out this form here.

Petitions, ordinances, and demands

Petition: Chicago Arts for Black Lives
Petition: Remove CPD from CPS Schools – Chicago Arts Education & Artists Collective
Resource: #CopsOutCPS
Petition: CPS Alumni For Abolition
Resource: Chicago Protest Calendar
Demand: 10 Demands of BLMCHI
Ordinance: Civilian Police Accountability Council
Ordinance: Chicago’s Indigenous People’s Day Ordinance