Tanda Summer 2020

Participant and their wagers:
Javier Jasso: Dreams, Alzheimer, and Autoconstrucción

Javier Jasso is a Mexican American artist born in Chicago and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. He lives and works on the Southside of Chicago, Back of the Yards neighborhood. Before moving to Back of the Yards, javier also lived in different neighborhoods around the city like Belmont Cragin, Logan Square, and Austin. Neighborhoods that still contributing to his practice. Javier is a metaphorical and literal builder. Many of the materials he use come from recycled sources such as metal, plaster, plastic concrete and wood, materials that he collects from his neighborhood, along with ceramic, a medium and practice that he carries with him from his hometown of alfareros in Guadalajara, Mexico. Through sculptures and installations, he challenges, and doubts our assumptions of space, and place. He use these materials because they produce an entry point into questions around foundation for protective structures in global society, nomadism, ideas of selfhood, origin, home and displacement. He received his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his MFA from The University of Illinois of Chicago. He was a fellow at the DFI where he was awarded $12,000. Javier’s shows include Evanston Art Center, Humboldt Park Vocational Center, McLean County Art Center, Gallery 400, University Club Chicago, and Sullivan Gallery. He is currently teaching drawing at Wilbur Wright College. javierjasso.net

Victor Zhagui: The Bossa Nova/Tropicália Movement in Brazil and Surrealism

Victor Zhagui is a self taught artist and computer scientist who mainly works in poetry and oil painting.

Jennifer Ligaya Senecal: Navigating Space: Hoodoo and ATR rooted Performance Practices in the Deep South

Jennifer Ligaya is a sound and performance composer and healer born and raised in Chicago with an interdisciplinary background in visual art (Gallery 37), vocal performance (Hard Rock Cafe), dance (Field Museum with Tamboula Ethnic Dance Company), and theater (Circa-Pintig Theater Company). A graduate of the Interdisciplinary Art program at Columbia College Chicago, her work includes original performance compositions and collaborations through the Chicago Home Theater Festival, Links Hall for In Session, Thawalls, and the International Puppet Theater Festival, as well as with the Old Town School of Folk Music in association with Arts and Public Life and Chicago Torture Justice Memorials’ Still Here exhibit. Her sound based performance installations have been exhibited at Co-Prosperity Sphere and at both Glass Curtain Gallery and NYCH Gallery as part of the Petty Biennial.2. She has had the honor of working in partnership with the Performance Studies Department at Northwestern University to develop a movement composition under the direction of Dr. Soyini Madison at the Block Museum, and alongside 2019 resident artist fellows at the Carr Center in Detroit. She is a High Concept Laboratories Sponsored Artist alumn, and recent SPARK Grant awardee, as well as recent member of the Afro-feminist collective HoneyPot Performance. Her compositions are constructed to elevate key questions and highlight critical conversations around race and cultural identity, indigeneity and decolonization, activism, and healing, through the weaving of traditional and contemporary sound, performance, and personal ancestral folk arts practices. Jennifer Ligaya also works as an Occupational Therapist with Chicago Public Schools supporting students with disabilities in gaining access to fair and quality education. jenniferligaya.com

José Rosa: Afro-Latinx Presence in Caribbean Visual Communication

José Rosa is a Puerto Rican queer graphic designer based in Chicago who is seeking new ways to create culturally accurate content rooted in concept and research. Joserosadesign.com