Muña Application

Application Deadline: May 1, 2022
Application Form Link:
Download Application: Muña Application 2022 PDF

Muña is a 3-month art writing program providing a cohort of six writers the opportunity to critically and creatively engage with art writing strategies, readings, exercises, and conversations. The program is structured for writers to develop and refine their practices through guided workshops and peer-review feedback.

About Muña

Following the structure of Chuquimarca’s Tanda program, instead of waging topics, Muña solely focuses on writers and wages their texts for peer-review. Additionally, workshop sessions are guided to incubate and grow discussion, knowledge, and language around art writing.

Muña will be guided by art editor, writer, and journalist, Kerry Cardoza. Cardoza will help facilitate the cohort’s workshops and will also conduct two public lectures/workshops, to be announced. 

We are honored to partner up with Chicago’s arts and culture writing platform Sixty Inches From Center, who will work with Muña participants through a formal pitch process to publish work with Sixty.

We hope this program supports and strengthens contemporary voices that are already covering pertinent artists, exhibitions, works, histories, and worlds through their writings. We also hope it seeds interests for more art writers and readers; pollinates new holistic equitable art language; and aids skewing conventions in the art writing field and ecosystem.

The program’s structure was generously advised by art writers, critics, and curators: Camille Bacon, Iris Colburn, Noah Hanna, Natasha Mijares, Wil Ruggiero, Alex Santana, and Jen Torwudzo-Stroh. We are beyond grateful for their sensibilities, guidance, and expertise.

Muña’s funding is supported by the Hyde Park Art Center’s Artists Run Chicago Fund 2021. It is free to apply and attend the public programs.

For any questions, please email

Kerry Cardoza is a Chicago-based journalist who writes about art, culture, politics, and power. She is the art editor at Newcity, the punk columnist at Bandcamp Daily, and a member of Make Yourself Useful. She received her master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Sixty Inches From Center is a collective of writers, editors, artists, curators, librarians, and archivists who publish writings and produce collaborative projects about artists, archival practice, and culture in the occupied lands known as Chicago and the Midwest. We believe that the stories of artists, cultural workers, archivists, organizers, memory workers, and writers within our communities (LGBTQ+, femme, BIPOC, diasporic, and disability) are essential for understanding history and creating future canons that align with the more liberated and just worlds that reflect our dreams and realities. Our stories need to be preserved and promoted simultaneously, so we work with local and national archives while providing platforms and capsules for the cultural practices of our people.

  • Open to writers that want to develop and refine their art writing practice through guided workshops and peer-review feedback
  • Including but not limited to: writers, curators, critics, researchers, art workers, journalists, artists with a writing practice.
  • Writers that want to engage through writing strategies and subjects about contemporary art, cultural criticism, visual culture, visual politics, art history, curatorial texts, creative writing, and art writing conventions and language.
  • Writers based within the areas of the Mississippi River Basin and the Great Lakes Basin are strongly encouraged to apply. Writers outside these areas also qualify.
  • English-as-second-language writers are strongly encouraged to apply. Program will be conducted in English.
  • Applicants should not be in any other art writing program, fellowship, residency, or academic program during the duration of the program.

Please submit all application material’s listed below through this form:

  • Website
  • Instagram Handle
  • Biography (1200 character limit)
  • CV (2 pp max)
  • 2 Writing Samples
    • 3 pp max each sample
    • Single spaced
    • Curatorial essay, exhibition texts, published articles, creative writing pieces, press releases are acceptable samples
    • Excerpts of longer text accepted
  • Answer 3 Prompts (1200 character limit each)
    • Tell us about an art writing piece that motivates and excites you and a piece that de-motivates you and is disagreeable or dis-regardable?
    • How do you want to strengthen your practice and how can this program meet those needs?
    • Accepted writers will need to provide a text to be edited. Tell us more about the piece that you need peer-reviewed.
  • Location Confirmation
  • English-As-Second Language Confirmation
  • Availability Confirmation
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
  • Accessibility Requests
  • No application fee
  • To provide workshops, activities, exercises, and conversations that think critically and creatively through art writing subjects, strategies, knowledges, and languages.
  • To provide peer-to-peer review and editing support for writers wanting feedback on work-in-progress or previous text.
Schedule and Details
  • Virtual program
  • Online Zoom & Google Meet sessions with closed captions
  • 6 writers will be accepted
  • Program runs June – August
  • 1 night a week for 11 weeks
  • 6:15pm – 8:30pm CDT
  • 1 break week
  • Sessions will be guided by Kerry Cardoza

Accepted writers will be asked to do the following:

  • Provide headshot and updated biography
  • Provide a draft of a text that needs to be edited or peer-reviewed
  • Choose two readings and two exercises from a Cohort Resource Sheet that will be provided or propose two readings and two exercises
  • Writers will work with a dedicated editor at Sixty Inches From Center and go through their pitch process to publish a piece on the platform

For any questions, please email