Past Tandas

Fall 2021

Hugo Ivan Juarez – Rasquachismo and the Underdog Mentality

Agustine Zegers – Agenciamentos Olfativos / The Agency of Scent

River Kerstetter – Pre-colonial Indigenous Urban Planning and How to Imagine Indigenous Cities of the Future

Alkebuluan Merriweather – Reconceptualizing the Madonna and Child through Archival Praxis

Marcelo Eli Sarmiento – Convictions of the Classics: On the Presence & Erasure of Black and Brown Bodies in Classic and Mesoamerican Art

Juan Arango Palacios – Neo Perreo: Challenging Misogyny and Homophobia in Reggaeton Culture

Fall 2021 was in program collaboration with AMFM,

Spring 2021

Lorena Cruz Santiago: Visual Sovereignty: Understanding the Ethics of Depicting Indigenous Culture in Visual Art

Tiffany M Johnson: Marronage: Acts Between Freedom and Captivity

Karen Dana Cohen: Making Visible the Invisible: Labor of Mothering as Immigrants in the Contemporary Culture and What Acquiring a New Language Provides

Clau Rocha: Bloodletting as Embodied Ritual: Latinx Tattoos

Alex Santana: Challenging Biometrics, AI, and Facial Recognition Technologies

Charles Ryan Long: The Love, Rage & Roses it will take to Welcome the Death of White Manhood 

Fall 2020

Sarita Garcia: Fantasyscapes: Mercados, Markets and Merchandise; Looking in the self-made maze of Latinx flea markets

Natasha Mijares: Urban Wind Borne Debris & Environmental Racism

Marina M. Álvarez: Graffiti in the Urban Spheres of Mexico & Chile: Tools of Anti-colonial Resistance

Katia Pérez Fuentes: Cosmic Patterns for Creative Practitioners: Astrology and Art

Joseph Josué Mora: Egress: Politicized Existence In U.S. and Art Spaces

Eva Mayhabal Davis: Collaboration and Cooperative Protocols

Fall 2020 was in program collaboration with Hyde Park Art Center

Summer 2020

Javier Jasso:
Dreams, Alzheimer, and Autoconstrucción

Victor Zhagui: The Bossa Nova/Tropicália Movement in Brazil and Surrealism

Jennifer Ligaya Senecal: Navigating Space: Hoodoo and ATR rooted Performance Practices in the Deep South

José Rosa: Afro-Latinx Presence in Caribbean Visual Communication

Spring 2020

Frank Vega: South American celebrations and traditions in relation to Indigenism

Elsa Muñoz: Relational theory (action) as a response to the Anthropocene

Juan Molina Hernández: Home, haven and heaven

Giselle Mira-Diaz: Generational trauma through an immigrant lens

Astro Escudero: The Plantationocene

Daye Angely: Bending perception with science and imagination