Tanda is back and the knowledge sharing has doubled!

In this re-appearance of Tanda, this collective learning incubator has mushroomed into a 12-cohort program and it is a privilege to host these topics and their makers.

Join us every Monday evenings starting October 2nd for conversations and language work with the Fall 2023 cohort. The Spring season Tanda will start in March 2024 -preview the cohort and topics.

Fall 2023

10/02 – Contextualizing the Mexican Milagros: Agents of Relational Anatomy
Alexis de Chaunac

10/16 – Into Conversation: Temporality, Power and the Interview
Ian Carstens

10/23 – Amor Eterno: Luchar por la Vida
Araceli Zuniga

10/30 – Consider a Disappearance
Ruby Que

11/06 – Bridging Diasporic Divides: Synthesizing Family Through Visual Art
Natasha Moustache

Full information of the Fall 2023 Tanda Cohort

Session Details
Mondays, 10/02 – 11/06
6:30-8:30pm CT / 7:30-9:30pm ET
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID:
885 2438 5169

Spring 2024 Preview

Red Diaper Babies: Culling the Affective Imprint of Revolutionary Politics
Maggie Wong

Good Relative: Creating Kinship with Fire and More-Than-Human Beings
Lydia Cheshewalla

Decolonizing Death: Lessons From Marronage, Black Spirituality, & Afrofuturism
Lynn Hunter

Who Owns Your Block? An Exploration of Local Property Ownership in Chicago
fern ramoutar

This Is Not an Archive: The Potentiality of Fugitive Archiving for Reappropriating the Commons
Andrea Elera Coello

Memory Mapping of Transnational Sex Trade and Biopolitics
Youree Kim


agustine zegers is a Chilean olfactory artist and writer. By way of queer and microbial methodologies, zegers deploys care practices that reach microscopic dimensions by incorporating bacterial communities, aromatic molecules, and food absorption in their artistic projects, creating tools to reflect about cohabitation, interspecies and intrahuman belonging, and care itself. Their work has been exhibited and published internationally at venues such as the Venice Biennale, Galería Jaqueline Martins, Sharjah Art Foundation, the Institute of Queer Ecology, and DIS Magazine.

augstine will co-facilitate Fall 2023. augstine participated in the Fall 2021 season with the topic Agenciamentos Olfativos / The Agency of Scent.

Kee Merriweather is a Chicago born and raised artist. Kee’s work explores the duality of collage and archives through printed matter, literature, research, pedagogy, and archiving. Their work seeks to centralize narratives around matriarchal lineages, water, grief, and the body. Kee is the founder behind former archival projects such as the Black Matriarch Archive and Homagetoblkmadonnas.

Kee will co-facilitate Spring 2024. Kee participated in the the Fall 2021 season with the topic Reconceptualizing the Madonna and Child through Archival Praxis

What is a tanda?

Tanda is a spanish term for an informal money lending circle that is formed amongst friends, families, and acquaintances. This short-term loan club is a cross-cultural and international concept that is also known as a susu, cundina, vaca, hui, paluwagan, tanamoshi, el cuchubal, pandeiros, and jamia.

An example of a tanda is as follows: A tanda is formed between six people. Each person in the tanda puts $100 into a pot every week to total a $600 pot. The first member gets the $600 pot the first week. The second member gets the next $600 pot the second week, and the third member gets the next $600 pot the third week. This continues until each member in the tanda has received the $600 pot. Usually tandas are formed out of one member’s financial emergency or if a community project needs to be funded. Tandas become ways relationships strengthen, news and stories get exchanged, and community support and trust grows.

What is the Tanda program?

Following the structure of a tanda, instead of waging money, participants in the Tanda program wage a topic. Each participant chooses a topic that they are researching to put in the program’s syllabus (pot). Every session in the program will be assigned a topic taken from that pot. Each participant will research that week’s subject and everyone will present their research and discuss their resources every week. Those resources can be in the form of presentations, video clips, PDF readings, websites, stories, music, etc, anything in conversation with the assigned topic.

This program consists of 8 weekly sessions. The weekly sessions will be conducted one night a week. Sessions will be conducted online via the Zoom platform. The first and last session will be solely the cohort and will be private. All other sessions will be presentations/discussions on the topic and will be open to the public. Sessions will be recorded only for the cohort’s reference and will not be published online. Closed Captioning available. The member who chose the week’s topic will co-facilitate their own session. Accepted participants will be asked to provide headshot, 5-10 images of their work/topic and a list of topic resources. Acceptance to the program will be based on topic diversity.