We are excited to introduce Chuquimarca’s residency program and to welcome Gonzalo Hernandez as resident artist!

Chuquimarca’s pilot and virtual residency program is aiming to provide Midwest based artists, who work within a Native, Caribbean, Mexican, and/or Central and South American context, with connections to strengthen their practice, exchange knowledge, and bridge communities with Chicago.

This residency focuses on artists based in what is colonially known as the Midwest as a way to widen and decentralize art making and production in Chicago -Zhigaagoong! Inversely, it also aims to pull in discourses originating and orbiting the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Great Plains into Chicago.

Indigenous perspective and anti-colonial maps of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Great Plains below!

For the month of August 2020, Gonzalo Hernandez, who is based in Kansas City, has been connected virtually to artists and curators who were or currently based in Chicago. Program with the resident artist is to be announced. Learn more about Gonzalo’s work at

Chuquimarca Resident Artist

Photo Credit: Juan Pablo Murrugarra

Gonzalo Hernandez

Gonzalo Hernandez (b.1991) lives and works between Kansas City and Lima, Peru. He has a BA from Escuela de Artes Visuales Corriente Alterna, and an MFA and MA from the Savannah College of Arts and Design in Fibers and Painting. His work has been exhibited internationally, with recent solo and group-exhibitions including “):)”, SCAD Museum of Art forthcoming(2020); “F.F.A. Corp” – Hen House Artist in Residency (2019); “Factory 1.1” – Alexander Hall (2019);  “Java”- La Vitrina de la Oficina m20 Hotel Savoy Lima (2019); “A Paris a Lima” Alianza Francesa Lima (2015);  Sorry Not Sorry: posiciones, disposiciones y oposiciones – curated by Max Hernandez  CCPUCP (2020); “Threaded” Jury Show Mark Newport and Maria-Elisa Heg , MCC Art Gallery(Arizona) (2019)  and “The Artist as Muse Scad Gutstein Gallery curated by Ariella Wolens and Ben Tollefson (2019).

See more of Gonzalo’s work at

Indigenous perspective and anti-colonial maps of the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Great Plains:

The Great Lakes: An Ojibwe Perspectives


‘A Living, Breathing Movemen’t: An Introduction to the Dakota Access Pipeline Issue


Great Plain Culture

Share Screen: Closed Parentheses, Colon, Closed Parentheses

Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm CT
Zoom link:

Share Screen: Closed Parentheses, Colon, Closed Parentheses is a presentation-style Zoom event in which Chuquimarca’s resident artist Gonzalo Hernandez will share his desktop screen via Zoom and present images, tabs, and folders that speak to his process, history, and wonders. Part performance, part digital poster board project, part folder retrieval, part auto-biography, and all screen! This desktop sharing talk speaks to the daily technological nuances and tools used to build relationships, make work, and reach resolutions between a global pandemic and Zoom fatigues. A Q&A with Hernandez about his past works, practice, and residency experience will be conducted during the event.

This program is to conclude and close the pilot run of Chuquimarca’s residency program. Chuquimarca’s pilot residency worked through conversations around art residencies’ relationship with critical tourism, colonial cartography, and maps of land and ecosystems. In this program’s future return, we hope to continue building towards making opportunities for artists and makers working within the Mississippi River Watershed and the Great Lakes Basin areas.