Nubes Art Fair 2022 Library Installation

Nubes Art Fair 2022 by Heaven Gallery in Partnership with Equity Arts.

Exhibition Dates: July 15, 2022 to August 28, 2022

Period rooms, mood boards, and room decorations are visual ways to organize and feel out potentials, projects, and desires. Following the ethos of Nubes art fair, we propose to mimic a poster-filled bedroom closet as an interior site filled with dreams, schemes, and strategies. This room is filled with Chuquimarca’s current art books and on the walls are printed images of art books that we want to add to the library -a closet space as a visual wish list!


Art Outside the White Cube: How BIPOC Leadership is Shaping the Arts Landscape

Event date: 08/13/2022

Moderated by Andrea Change of Guild Literary Complex. ⁠Speakers include: Edra Soto (the Franklin), Ciera McKissick (AMFM) John H. Guevara (Chuquimarca), Jose Luis Benavides (Sin Cinta Previa), Francine Almeda (Jude Gallery).


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