Tu nombre en arroz: Astro Escudero, Aida Ramirez, & Rosalinda Cabrera

Tu nombre en arroz: Astro Escudero, Aida Ramirez, & Rosalinda Cabrera

Exhibition Dates: 09/13/2019 – 11/16/2019

In el centro Histórico de Lima, along the Rimac river’s malecón, there is a street vendor selling pendants assembled from raw rice grains, clear glue, and tiny glass vials. The buyers of these pendants can request the vendor to ink in any name they wish on to each domesticated grain for a few soles. A tutorial video on how to make these pendants exists on Youtube, search: tu nombre en arroz. In el malecón, with the faint burble of the river and con el olor de pollo rostizado, this souvenir made for lovers, tourists, and/or youth is advertised in big black capital letters on a white poster board sign with the words, “TU NOMBRE EN ARROZ”. Released from its dietary and economic utility, the rice grain, marked and purchased, turns into an object that holds a modest gesture of tender memory, place, and love. At least -that is a romantic read. Perhaps, the narrative and genre should be one of violence, horror, and obscurity to point to the systems within el centro Histórico de Lima.

Tu nombre en arroz is a group show featuring works from Astro Escudero, Aida Ramirez, and Rosalinda Cabrera. Corn husks, red corn seeds, and coffee grounds serve as the materials that point to historical domestication, construction of place, obscured narratives, and their inherent invented systems. For this show, the artists offer sensorial and architectural interventions to re-envision and continue investigating their works’ oral and organic materiality.

Curated by John H. Guevara

Astro Escudero

Aida Ramirez

Rosalinda Cabrera


New City’s Art Top 5: October 2019

Programmed Events:

10/18/2019 – Coffee Rubbing Workshop Facilitated by Astro

11/1/2019 – Willakuy: Tu nombre en arroz and other stories

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