ECCLESIASTÉS 1:2 : Carlos Salazar-Lermont, Curated by Wil Ruggiero

Video, 4’01” 
Caracas, Venezuela
ICHTHYS, the fish, is a Christian symbol for Christ. In this work I address the sense of guilt present in Christian culture heritage. I perform the same action is done in parallel with a dead fish and my own body. Pressing my finger for several minutes in a  a dead and a living body creates a tense contrast that questions the compatibility of individuals with the models imposed by religions

ECCLESIASTÉS 1:2 : Carlos Salazar
Curated by Wil Ruggiero

Exhibition Dates: July 2, 2020 – August 30, 2020

The title of the show is inspired by the verse of the Bible, which claims that “everything is meaningless”. Composed of performance art-imbued photography and video, Ecclesiastés 1:2 mines the tension and limits between body and material, an uncomfortable and visceral ambivalence. In many ways, each work surges out of the turmoiled territory of contemporary Venezuela, Salazar-Lermont’s country of origin. The artist immerses his own body in the history of the still-life and its implicit Judeo-Christian iconographies, agitating their very embeddedness in our social order. The result is a meditation, be it unresolved, on mortality at the core of being.

Ecclesiastés 1:2 is the first exhibition by Salazar-Lermont to solely focus on non-ephemeral work. The exhibition brings together their most recognized work from their art career for the first time.

Program support by PORTAESPACIOS, an alternative contemporary art initiative based in Venezuela.

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Programmed Events / Eventos Programados:

Historia Reciente De La Performance Venezolana with Raúl Rodríguez and Carlos Salazar-Lermont
Thursday, July 16, 2020

Body in Vain: A conversation with Carlos Salazar-Lermont and Wil Ruggiero, moderated by Marina Resende Santos
Thursday, August 06, 2020

Ecclesiastés 1:9 – Performance by Carlos Salazar-Lermont
Thursday, July 30, 2020