Tempo falacioso; Superimposiciones botánicas: Luíza Bastos Lages, Nancy D. Valladares, and Chucho Ocampo

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Program Date: Saturday, September 26, 2020.

Tempo falacioso; Superimposiciones botánicas is a selection of video works by artists Luiza Bastos Lages, Chucho Ocampo and Nancy D. Valladares. This program looks at the technologies and infrastructures that sustained the colonial project, disseminated euro-western epistemologies, and transported colonial projects throughout Latin America. By layering archive footage and oral traditions, history is retold through the alchemy of gunpowder, the slow melting of a pillar of ice, and microscopic worlds of botanical images.

The films reveal the crossings of worlds in their respective geographies, and aim to disobey the temporal lines of history as told by a euro-western lens. Paisagens Ficcionais [Fictional Landscapes] is a slow emergence of the commodification of forms of life and their transit across hemispheres, Castillo unfolds the various geopolitical forces that drive human and more than human migrants in Mexico, and The Density of Breath meditates on botanical exchanges that produced plantation economies and extraction in Latin America. Tempo falacioso; Superimposiciones Botánicas asks the viewers to reflect on the incommensurability between history, representation, memory and anthropocentric paradigms of domination.

This online feature was awarded and selected from our juried SCP+C Open Call 2020. This is the first of two screenings from our open call juried by Malia Haines-Stewart and Giselle Mira-Diaz, generously supported by the Propeller Fund

Tempo falacioso; Superimposiciones botánicas artists panel discussion video:

Recorded on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

Luíza Bastos Lages (b. 1988) is an artist and architect from Itabirito, Brazil. Luíza holds a professional degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil (2013) and a Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2020). Her most recent projects poetically address extraction and transnational privatization of forms of life merely seen as material resources; as well as the tentative erasure, by the current Brazilian government, of bodies that challenge predefined social expectations.

Nancy Dayanne Valladares (b. 1991) is an interdisciplinary artist from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Her work traces the colonial legacies and agricultural histories of Honduras through the lens of human and non-human migration. She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2020). Her work has been exhibited at The Art Institute of Chicago, Sullivan Galleries, SUGS Gallery X, ExFest Film Festival, The Research House for Asian Art, Columbia College, and Roman Susan Gallery in Chicago.

Chucho (Jesús) Ocampo Aguilar (Mexico, b. 1991) is an architect and artist working in the intersection of art, architecture and technology. Chucho is currently a Partner in dérive LAB, an art, architecture and urbanism firm where he works as Creative Director, particularly with projects related to housing, urban design, public space interventions and cultural management. Chucho is co-founder of BEMA, a cultural center in the heart of Querétaro, México; dedicated to Art, Architecture and the City. He is currently a first year SMACT candidate of the Art Culture and Technology program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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