Hyde Park Art Center’s Artists Run Chicago 2.0 Library Installation

Close-up shot of books on the library installation.
Hyde Park Art Center’s Artists Run Chicago 2.0 Library Installation

Artists Run Chicago 2.0 is an exhibition that takes over the entire Hyde Park Art Center to celebrate the work of fifty artist-run spaces and organizations that fuel Chicago’s independent art scene. We are excited to be included in this once in a decade show with many exciting projects and spaces. 

For Artist Run Chicago 2.0, we have taken on the task to gather and bookmark books from Hyde Park Art Center’s D’Angelo Art Library that reference Native, Caribbean, and Latin American arts or history to present in the exhibition space.

This installation is a problematization exercise to critique HPAC’s library as an archive and historicization tool that has participated in enforcing supremacies by way of collecting text. It serves as a reminder about problematic gazes and authorship within publications and print material. This make-shift library also amplifies, though problematically, Native, Caribbean, and Latin American history for seekers of these culturally specific discourses that may become useful. Above the library installation, we vinyled “Decolonize Zhigaagoong, Defund CPD, and Defend DACA”.

Library Installation Information Text and Occupation Acknowledgement.

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Tanda Fall 2020 x Artists Run Chicago 2.0

Chuquimarca’s Tanda Fall 2020 was hosted by the Hyde Park Art Center as part of programming for Artists Run Chicago 2.0. Interweaving the formats of book clubs, seminars, research groups, and tandas, Tanda is an experimental cohort program that aims to aid individuals with research through self-directed and collective learning by way of knowledge gathering and sharing.

Virtual Panel Talk: How Do Artists Run Chicago?

In conjunction with Artist Run Chicago 2.0 exhibition, this virtual talk with Alma Wieser of Heaven Gallery, John H. Guevara of Chuquimarca, Erik Peterson of Compound Yellow, Eric May of Roots and Culture and Tracie Hall of Rootwork discussed the early beginnings and evolution of creating and running an artist run space, sustainability, and the obstacles and rewards of being an artist run space. We also touched base on how COVID-19 will ultimately impact work as cultural practitioners, and the financial and emotional impact the pandemic is having in reference to the art world. Recorded on 04/27/2020.

Virtual Center Sunday October: Exploring Global Opportunities through the Arts

This virtual talk with Chuquimarca and Jose Luis Benavides of Sin Cinta Previa: Latinx & Queer Archive Video Series was about exploring global opportunities through the arts. They discussed their current projects, how to utilize open calls for global opportunities, how to grow an international community through informal means (couch surfing), and how they have handled the global-zoom-art outbreak through their projects. Recorded on 10/04/2020.


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