Happy Hour, La Hora Feliz: Edra Soto & Sadie Woods

Graphic Image of Happy Hour Event

Happy Hour, La Hora Feliz: Edra Soto & Sadie Woods

Program and Artist Talk Date: Saturday, December 12th at 7:00-8:00pm CST 

Colliding their affinity for organizing, hosting, and deejaying social gatherings; Soto and Woods present a virtual rendition of their project: Happy Hour, La Hora Feliz. In this online video premier event, the artists used music and performance to point to resistance mantras, romanticized food diets, and pop culture movements.

Growing up in Puerto Rico during the 80’s, Soto looks at the hybridized Puerto Rican diet as strongly influenced by mainstream American culture. Soto looks at romanticized processed foods that became centerpieces and traditions of Puerto Rican entertainment as a fantasy created by marketing.

Growing up Afro/Latina in Chicago during the takeoff of hip-hop, electro, and the proliferation of musical styles, Wood’s practice zeros-in on anthems and mantras that can be excavated to take on socio-political proportions and become a call to arms for listeners to remember times of resistance. For them, the affects, aspirations, and struggles of cultural experience are coded in music. 

This project was a selected project proposal submitted by Edra Soto and Sadie Woods for the SCP+C 2020 open call program with the jury help of Santiago X and funded by the 2019 Propeller Fund Grant.

Performance by Edra Soto
Music by Sadie Woods
Graphic design by Jose Rosa
Video editing by Jose Luis Benavides

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